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5 must-dos for SEO novices

5 must-dos for SEO novices 

In case you're new to SEO, or on the off chance that it isn't your essential concentration, you may disregard strategies that will truly move the needle. Donor Jordan Kasteler traces 5 things you ought to do and shares instruments to enable you to achieve these errands. 

You may dissent, yet I see Search Engine Optimization as both a workmanship and a science. You should be imaginative in your ways to deal with please web crawlers and outmaneuver contenders while additionally applying strong research and examination based techniques. 

To do this, you have to utilize an assortment of procedures and apparatuses. Lamentably, be that as it may, a great many people tend to stick to what they know. That can be unsafe in the quickly developing SEO space, as the web crawlers constantly alter what they're searching for and how they show comes about. 

Following are a portion of the critical — yet in some cases overlooked — levers you can draw to upgrade your SEO effectiveness. 

Watchword/Keyword gathering 

Watchword gathering alludes to the association of catchphrases into groups for an assortment of purposes — to educate your site's data design, to enhance greeting pages, to distinguish potential regions of substance improvement opportunity and the sky is the limit from there.

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Buying Triggers: 100 Mind-Altering Selling Tools! (CONCLUSION)

Thanks for your immense contribution on this article, here is the concluding part of 100 Mind Altering selling Toolss

 61 Give your potential customers a bonus that will actually pay for their purchase. It could be money saving coupons, an affiliate program, etc. For example, you could say, "Buy our product for only $47 and get 6 bonuses valued at $250!" Another example would be to say, ""Buy our product for only $47 and just 2 affiliates will pay for it!"

62 Change the benefits on your product ad from text to links. When people click on the link, it will take them right to the order page. It'll give them an urge to buy your product. People will usually click on links because they think they might be getting one of the benefits for free.

 63 Charge people a cheap price to get a sample of your product. If they like it, they can pay full price to get the full version. Yes, you could offer a free sample too. When you charge for a sample, it gives your product more perceived value and you end up making a little money at the same time.

 64 Offer freebies that are related to the product you’re selling. It could be free monthly updates, a free e-zine, free consulting, etc. Other rarely-used freebies could be an extended guarantee or warranty, a free coupon for some other business’ product or free lifetime product replacement.

 65 Show your prospects a sample page out of your free e-book. Just black out some of the important information. This will make your prospects curious to download your free e-book. If you sell information products, this strategy can also work from them as well. Use it for your free e-zine to gain more subscribers too.

 66 Provide a low and high priced version of your product. Show benefits of each version side by side. People usually spend a little more for extra benefits and features. When they are side by side, the one with the most benefits usually grabs people’s attention quicker too.

 67 Offer the reprint rights to your free e-book. yoU can allow people to sell it. Your ad in the e-book will been seen by proven, money-spending customers as well as freebie seekers. You could also provide people with proven ad copy and an e-book cover graphic.

 68. Make your target audience's experience reading your ad positive. You could educate them, tell a joke to make them laugh or compliment them to make them feel good. If their experience is enjoyable that's all it might take for them to decide to buy your product, subscribe to your free e-zine or join your affiliate program. All these actions can lead to income for you.

 69 Redesign your product for specific niches. You can create multiple profits with very little work. For example, you could easily turn a business e-book into an online auction business e-book and auction it off at online auctions. You would have a whole new and related target audience.

70 Give your prospects discount coupons on other products when they purchase your product. It could be your products or other businesses you made deals with. Just contact other related businesses and propose your idea to them. They may do the same for your business too.

 71 Start publishing an extra issue of your e-zine every week. You could charge a recurring monthly subscription for the free subscribers who want to view the extra issue(s) each week. You could also include no ads in the extra issue because you’re charging a subscription fee.

 72 Don't load your web site with a lot of high tech clutter. Your visitors may miss your whole sales message. Haven't you ever visited a web site which had graphic ads, text scrolling and flashing words all crammed together? If you have, it was likely you found it confusing and hard on the eyes and you just said ‘forget it’.

 73 Don't use unnecessary words or phrases on your site. You only have so much time to get your visitor's attention and interest; make every word count. Use short words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs. Also highlight attention-grabbing words like love, money, sex, etc.

 74 Don't make the mistake and think that everyone will totally understand your web site message. Use descriptive words and examples to get your point across more smoothly. Don't use hard to understand words that they might have to look up in a dictionary because they won't, they'll just leave your web site.

 75 Don't write your strongest point or benefit only once. You should repeat it at least 3 times because some people may miss it. Also when you repeat something it gets stored in your prospect’s brain easier. his may persuade them to buy later on down the road because they will remember it when they really need or want your product.

 76 Don't push all your words together on your web site. People like to skim; use plenty of headings and sub-headings. People don't have time to search and read through every word. It's also harder to read online than offline. But you could remind them they could print out your web page to read it later when they are offline.

 77 You could offer your visitors a free e-book if they subscribe to your free e-zine. For example, you could say, "Subscribe to our free e-zine and get a our new e-book for free!" Another example, "Subscribe to our free e-zine and get five e-books with full give-away rights!"

 78 Don't use 50 different content formats all over your web site. Try to use only one or two of the same fonts, text sizes, text colors, etc. You don't want your visitors getting frustrated because they have to keep refocusing their eyes. Plus it looks unprofessional not to have a consistent look throughout your web site.

 79 Offer easy navigation. People will leave quicker if they have a hard time finding what they're looking for. Don't get them lost or they will leave. You could have a keyword search box, a side, top or bottom navigation bar, a web site map, etc.

 80 Don't let selling words and phrases go unnoticed. Highlight important words and phrases with color, bolding, italics, underlining, etc. Also think about about each and every word you use on your web site. Ask yourself "Is this word going to persuade them to buy my product, join my affiliate program, subscribe to my e-zine”, etc.

 81 Give people plenty of things to do at your web site. Allow them to submit classified ads, play interactive games, add their link, sign your guest book, etc. This will keep them busy and they will have a higher chance of seeing your ad a couple of times and buying your product or service.

 82 Address your targeted audience on your business site. For example, "Welcome Internet Marketers". If you have more than one, address them all. When you want to get their attention in the ad copy, you could say, "Attention! All Internet marketers, business owners, opportunity seekers and other entrepreneurs."

 83 Make sure your content and graphics are relevant to your web site's theme. You wouldn't want to use a bird graphic on a business web site, unless the bird had a business suit on or was doing something business related. That would grab your prospects’ attention and the bird would convey the impression that you sell to businesses or that you are a business.

 84 Alert visitors by e-mail when you add new content to your web site. This will remind people to revisit your web site. For example, you could say on your web site, "Sign up to our opt-in list to be reminded in the future when our web site is updated or we add new products.”

 85 Offer a way for visitors to contact you on each web page. List your e-mail address, fax number and phone number. If you're selling a product, remind them to order on each page. If you’re giving away a free subscription to your e-zine, remind them to subscribe on every page.

 86 Give people the option of viewing your web site offline. Offer it by way of an autoresponder message or by a printer-friendly web page. They may forward it to their friends or family members if it’s an e-mail or they may give it to them if they have it printed out.

 87 Make sure that at least 50% of your content is original. The other option is to offer something else original other than content, like software or an online utility. You need to offer something they can't go anywhere else to get. Then they can't think, “Well I saw another web site that has that same free e-book so I'll just go there instead.”

 88 Offer your visitors incentives for revisiting your web site. You could give them new content, e-books, software, e-zines, etc. Offer a new weekly contest so they have to revisit every week to re-enter. Offer a new, original freebie every week so they have to revisit. You can just ask them to sign up to a reminder e-mail list.

 89 Publish FAQs for your business, products and web site. They could have questions about multiple parts of your business. You could answer questions your products, business, web site, free e-zine, affiliate program, message board, chat room, free e-book and other services.

 90 Make sure all links on the navigational bar are clickable. If people can't get to where they want to go, they will leave. It's a good idea to go through your whole web site and check all your links once in awhile. There are also software programs that can do it for you too.

 91 Organize your web site in a logical and profitable sequence. You don't want to give away a freebie before they learn about the product(s) you're selling. Make your visitors see at least one or two of your ads before they get to your freebie. Then include those ads somewhere in or around your freebie.

 92 Use plenty of examples in your ad copy. This will allow your whole target audience to understand your sales pitch completely. If they don't understand your product offer, how do you expect them to buy. Have a few younger kids read it. If they understand it, you’ll know an older person will definitely understand it.

 93 Gain extra credibility by using terms your readers may not understand but can follow, by explaining them in simple terms. This will show you're an expert. People often find it interesting to see new words as they could get bored seeing the same old words every day.

 94 Reveal how excited you are about the product. You could use words, or even a picture of yourself looking very excited. For example, you could say in your ad copy, "I'm super EXCITED about our new product!" Another example, "I'm so PUMPED UP about our new product I can't wait to tell you about it!"

 95 Write your e-zine's ad to sound like it is common sense to subscribe. For example, you could say, "Everyone knows you have to know a few things before you start a business!" Another example, "We all know that knowledge is a key factor in making a business profitable."

 96 Assume people are going to instantly subscribe to your e-zine. For example, "Dear Healthy Subscriber". They will want to subscribe in order to feel healthy. Another example, "Dear Intelligent Subscriber". They will want to subscribe in order to feel intelligent.

 97 Allow your subscribers to collect things from eachissue of your e-zine. It could be e-books or software. They'll tell others and those people will subscribe too.For example, you could say, "In each issue of our e-zine we will be giving away a new limited editionbusiness report! Collect them all!"

 98 Tell people what their friends or family might sayas a result of them learning what's in your e-zine. People care about what other people think of them.For example, you could say, "Just imagine your wife telling you how proud she is of you for starting yourown business!"

 99 Make people feel like it's their idea to subscribe, they will be less hesitant. For example, you could say, "You are making a smart decision for subscribing."example, "Thank you for making an intelligent choice and subscribing to our e-zine!" Plus you're assuming ahead of time they are going to subscribe.

 100 Use less than seven points in your ad copy. If you start revealing too many topics, your readers might get confused and quit reading. Your points could be your benefits, guarantees, testimonials, closing, opening, postscripts, and headline. Some other points would be features, case studies, customer lists, etc.

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Buying Triggers: 100 Mind-Altering Selling Tools!

This publication is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information with regard to the subject matter covered. It is sold with the understanding that the author, and the publisher is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professional advice. If legal advice or other
professional assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.
Larry Dotson and L.D. Publishing does not accept any responsibility for any liabilities resulting from
the actions of any parties involved.

Note: This is not a free ebook. It is for your own use. Don't give it away to others.

1 Tell your target audience you were in their current position. Next, tell them how your product pulled you out of that position. For example, you could say in your ad copy, "Don't worry, I used to be just like you. I was way over my head in debt. But I decided to create a financial formula so no one else would ever go through all the pain and humiliation of bankruptcy like I did."

2 Challenge your readers at the end of your ad. Make a bet with them; if your product doesn't solve
their problem, offer them a free product in return. People love to gamble and most are greedy. You’re
just using it to your advantage so you can sell them your product or service. Some people like to gamble just because it's fun.

3 Get your audience involved in your ad by asking hem questions. They'll automatically want to answer the questions in their mind. For example, you could say in your ad copy, "Where do you want to be weight-wise in the next 5 months?" Another example, "Do you want to weigh that much or more 2 years from now?"

4 Introduce yourself in your ad copy. Haven't you ever read ad copy and wondered who was selling
the product halfway through? It's a big turn-off. For example, you could say, "Hello my name is (your
name and a little about yourself).” Another example, "It's (your name) here, I'm going to tell you about..."

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How To Make Money On Facebook 2017 :$50/Day Full Guide

If you have above question in your mind than we have best answer here.. In this full guide you will get answer of every question like how to make money on Facebook ?
Can we really make/earn money with our profile ,page or group ?
Answer is YES.

Just Read on to discover all the secrets........In this guide you will learn :
  • How to make money on Facebook ? Abut $50/Day in 2017
  • How can we earn money from our profile ? [This is secret method]
  • How can we make money from Facebook group ? [Yes,You will also learn this.]
  • and the final how can we make money using our fan pages ? [This is a long term method.]

So Here is how to make money on Facebook :- [Full Method in Short]

  1. Make a fake girl profile and get 5000 friends . [You can create as many as you want.Full details later in this tutorial]
  2. Sell this profile at fiverr .You will get about $20/ID
  3. Share Affiliate link and CPA link and get commission when user buy something .
  4. Sell Group members .You will get $2/1000 members.
  5. Sell Facebook page likes at seoclekrs .You will earn $5/1000 likes.
  6. Make Big Facebook Group and sell them . You can make upto $100/group.
  7. Merge small pages and create one big Facebook page .Now you can make money through it .
  8. Sell Fan Page Post and make big money . You can join viral9 etc for it .
  9. Promote Your OWN business via Facebook to earn decent money.
  10. Shopify+Facebook=Big $$$ [We will talk about this method later in this AWESOME GUIDE.]

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How To Make Money Online

One of the many wonders of the Internet, is it’s ability to let you work from home and make money online from the comfort of your bedroom doing virtual jobs. 

 Most of us at one point or the other must have tried working or making money online but usually get disappointed, either because we don’t know how to go about it, where to go or we don’t have the necessary information or skills needed. 

So in this episode I would be sharing the tricks and the skills you need to start making money online. So sit back, relax , grab a bucket of popcorn and your favourite drink, and lets sift through the various ways you can make money online. 

 1. Blogging : Blogging is one of the most abused means of making money online. This is due to the fact that most people just jump into blogging without knowing the nitty-gritty. Blogging in itself is the process of maintaining a blog which includes, content writing, editing, development etc. 

While blog is a website that contains different information about a niche, it involves writing and sharing information online that will appease to a particular audience , I’m sure we all know Linda Ikeji – one of the most successful bloggers in Nigeria. Linda Ikeji currently make a lot of money via her blog.

 So How can you make money online from blogging ? There are different ways to go about this: a. Google Adsense: The most popular way to get paid from Blogging is through Google Adsense. Google Ads or Google AdSense is an ads program by Google, which allows publisher, bloggers or website owners to run Google ads on their site , so every time someone clicks or views the adverts on your site, you get paid.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Reasons Why You need a website For your Business

It doesn’t matter whether you are small, growing or a developed business. One thing you shouldn’t do without is the presence of a website. No matter how small your business might be, you should get a website, you should be able to get something you can afford. And for big businesses, you definitely need a standard website to take your business to the next level
You can Contact kolajoke blog  For your website enquiries.

Here are the reasons why you need a website

1. Free Online Branding: Presence of a website automatically gives your business free online branding because, your brand is automatically listed on the world wide web.
2. Available 24/7: While you and your other staff are sleep or sometimes take a break to go on vacation, your website never sleeps, it doesn’t go on vacation. It’s always open to customers Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.
3. Saves time and money : Having a website saves you lots of stress, time and money. Imagine having to communicate a price change to all your customers, Having a website just makes it easy. In addition, It doesn’t incur daily expenses like fuel for generator, cleaners , carpenter etc
4. Free Marketing: Your website also serves as a free marketing tool for your business. You can blow your own trumpet and reach millions of people without paying extra. Isn’t that amazing
5. Gives you an edge: Most of the times, the first point of contact for many people when searching for a particular business is the Internet. So having a website gives you an edge more than your competitors. If you don’t have a website, you can’t be reached
6. Your competitors are online: Your competitors are online, you don’t want them to steal your customers because they might be offering them great value on their website. So you need to quickly get online.
7. Corporate image and Online Public Relations: Even if you are just a small shop in a local community, a website gives users the image of a standard organization which gives them confidence to patronize you. Also it gives your brand a very good image and you can also use your website for public relations with your customers
8. Increases your revenue / Sales: When you have a website, You have the potential of reaching more people, which can generate into leads and from leads to sales and from sales to a loyal customer. It is also known that brands with websites get about 30% sales increase than brands without a website
9. Increases your market share: Having a website also increased your market share and market value in your line of business. Because it allows you to reach more people and thereby taking a huge market share.
10. You become a global company: Now because the presence of a website is not limited to your domain. It allow you to trasact business with anyone anywhere in the world.

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